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  • Are the micro-musicals appropriate for children?
    A good number of the episodes that are released on The Micro-Musical Theatre Show are not approprite for children. Some might be for young adults.
  • Why is there limited access to the back catalog?
    It's generally assumed when you subscribe to a podcast RSS feed (in iTunes, Stitcher, etc) the subscriber automatically has access to the back catalog, or previous episodes, of the podcast series. For legal and accounting reasons we need to limit access to the back catalog. There are epiosdes that require payment of music use licenses ("mechincal rights") for each download. If eveyone could download all the previous episodes, we would have to pay a license fee for each one – and that's where all access becomes an issue and threatens the viability of this project. It would be best to think of your The Micro-Musical Theatre Show subscription more like an actual theatre season subscription. In those you get to pick a few plays to see for a set price per season. You can't see last seasons plays. That's pretty much how subscriptiosn work in this case.
  • Is The Micro-Musical Theatre Show available on iTunes
    Kinda, sorta. The Micro-Musical Theatre Show is not available in the iTunes store, nor in the podcast listings via the iTunes store. When you confirm your subscription, you can add your private RSS feed to your iTunes account on the desktop, or Podcast app account on your mobile device.
  • Why can't I find The Micro-Musical Theatre Show on iTunes
    (If you've subscribed to The Micro-Musical Theatre Show via Patreon, see the answer above) That's a good question, and here's the reason(s) why: - Typical pocasts are given away for free, The Micro-Musical Theatre Show is not a free podcast. It requires a subscription. You can get a subscription here on Patreon. - We feel the musicals we produce – and distributed as podcasts – are unique and orginal. The many artists involved should benefit from all their hard work, time and effort they put into their musical. - To see Musical Theatre presented on an actual stage requires admission. Consider the subscritpion an admission to many seasons worth of musicals.
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