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Supporting Actors,

Musicians & Storytellers

The Micro-Musical Theatre Show is supported by subscription via Patreon.


Your subscription is direct participation in supporting this platform for emerging artists. And this platform represents a stepping stone on their path to “Great White Way” and beyond. Many artists we approach are thrilled to have a professionally produced “radio play” of their work in their portfolio. Many will use it to promote themselves and promote the show itself. Since we do not demand exclusivity, the artist can continue to stage this show and take it on the road.


There are many reward levels to choose from to support TMMTS and creatives. Through our Patreon page, you can opt into reward tiers that offer exclusive content designed to give greater context to the micro-musical release. There’s an in-depth interview with the creatives of each episode . . . a behind-the-scenes video about the recording of each episode . . . signed original artwork, listening parties, and even more exciting rewards! Find out how you can have a direct impact on how The Micro-Musical Theatre Show decides on its seasonal lineup.


Here’s what you get as a fan of this project:

  • Something original and compelling to listen to 

  • You support artists in a way they would otherwise not be supported

  • You’re contributing to the exposure of emerging and amazing talent

  • You’re entertaining and distracting yourself that also provides productive support to the art form

  • An opportunity to participate in the evolution of this project


Please see all the details on our Patreon page. Here’s a sample of the rewards offered:

With the average ticket price of a musical on Broadway at $113. For the occasional splurge, it’s probably worth it. TMMTS can offer you a fix in the meantime.

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