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The Micro-Musical Theatre Show is a series of new and original Broadway-style musical productions. It's a front-row seat experience delivered to subscribers through an audio podcast – one of a kind, exclusive experience.

A micro-musical is a full musical theatre production that runs about 60 minutes. Kinda like a radio play. There’s also interviews and a behind-the-scenes making of.

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Fans of musicals have the chance to tap into the incredible and emerging talents of the worlds of  Broadway, Off-Broadway, and cabaret in NYC.

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City of Light

By Jan Roper (Composer), Julie Weiner (Lyricist), Gabrielle Wagner Mann (Bookwriter)
Genre: Musical Comedy  |  Running Time: 78 minutes.

Molly always lives her life by a to-do list and a well-thought-out plan.  

​On the morning of her 25th birthday, exactly a year after her father died on her birthday and one month before her wedding, Molly embarks on the trip to Paris he always wanted to take her on; but now it's to scatter his ashes from the top of the Eiffel Tower… What could possibly go wrong?

Premiering in February!