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Four strangers rent a rustic cabin each hoping for a solitary holiday. But everyone’s antisocial plans are frozen when an unforeseen blizzard leave them trapped in the same cabin.  A blackout, holiday spirits, and mysterious body bag converge to prove that even if you do escape your family, no one escapes Christmas. Starring Max Crumm ( Disaster!, Grease), Lance Roberts (My Fair Lady, Sunset Boulevard), and Dee Hoty (Footloose, Mama Mia!) among others. There’s SNOW WAY OUT!

Becca Anderson and Dan Marshall (Book & Lyrics)
Julian Blackmore (Composer)

TMMTS: Episode 006

Running Time: 72 Minutes

Content Advisory: Family Friendly!

Becca Anderson

About Snow Way Out

In the Fall of 2014 our team had just completed a successful run at the New York Musical Festival (NYMF) where our show Academia Nuts picked up honors for Best New Musical from the grand jury.

Following the advice of our mentor, the playwright Martin Epstein, we decided to allow Academia Nuts to "settle" while we dove into a brand new project. 


Becca Anderson (co-book and co-lyrics) has long been obsessed with the kitschy American experience of the Christmas season. Guided by her enthusiasm (read: obsession) we set out to construct a 4-character holiday musical "sitcom" - our love letter to Christmas.

As a team we wanted a to indulge our love of all things that happen from Black Friday until New Year's Eve and incorporate tropes from our favorite classic (and neo-classic) holiday films, books, and hallmark channel made-for-TV movies.


Our mission was to keep the physical show "micro" with no more than four actors playing on one unit set.  Armed with these rubrics we set out to write a heartwarming musical tale about what happens when four strangers who seek a "Christmas alone" end up trapped with the exact personalities they seek to escape.


The fun of writing a show that deeply engaged our love of physical comedy and slapstick and the challenge of translating those actions into a radio play for TMMS presented the most invigorating hurdles of this process.  Engaging the Olympians of musical comedy who "appear" on this podcast recording turned out to be the red and green sprinkles on top of a very merry holiday cut-out cookie. 




Julian Blackmore

An extended interview with the Snow Way Out creators by Julian Fleisher (The Naked American Songbook) is in the works.

Dan Marshall


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