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On the morning of her 25th birthday (also the 1-year anniversary of her father’s death), she packs to embark on the trip to Paris that her dad always wanted to take her on.  Now, she’s taking “him” instead to scatter his ashes from the top of Eiffel Tower... What could possibly go wrong? Starring Krystina Alabado (Mean GirlsAmerican Idiot, The Mad Ones), Jane Blass (Annie, 9 to 5, Hairspray), Jack Cotterell (Little Women, The Magic Flute, The Last Five Years), Anthony Norman (Newsies, PROM), Zach Schanne (Kiss Me Kate, West Side Story), Keri Safran (Typhoid Mary, Broadway Under the Stars, Singin’ in the Rain), Zach Schanne and Katy Wilson.


Jan Roper (composer)

Julie Weiner (lyricist)

Gabrielle Wagner Mann (book)

TMMTS: Episode 007

Running Time: 75 Minutes

Content Advisory: Family Friendly!

Jan Roper
Julie Weiner

About City of Light

City of Light was a collaboration born over lattes at a North Hollywood Starbucks in 2012. The three of us, Jan Roper, Gabrielle Wagner, and Julie Weiner, had just completed a year of Core Curriculum at New Musicals, Inc., and the brief collaborative assignments throughout those months had whet all of our creative whistles to want to write a full-length project together. Julie had an original story in mind about a young woman’s journey to self-discovery set in Paris that became the starting point for City of Light.



But what we did not anticipate is how the years of developing the music of City of Light and the storyline of Molly learning to take control of her own life (as opposed to her life having control over her) would be played out in real time in a myriad of ways in our own personal lives. Over the next 6+ years, there were boyfriend breakups, a wedding, divorces, and a reconciliation… and that’s just our love lives! Also, other professional and relational challenges arose that seemed to mirror the lessons that Molly and Juliette learn in City of Light, all helping to inform and deepen our storytelling.



And like Molly, we have all had to get a little lost in order to find ourselves.


For so many people, not just women, learning to choose yourself over what we imagine other people want for us, is a hard-won life lesson. Set in the romantic city of Paris, a city of possibility and adventure, the journey that Molly makes is also ours. Come join us and experience the City of Light!




Gabrielle Wagner


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